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Medical equipment manufactured under the Promedica brand is modern, reliable, efficient and convenient and meets the highest world standards for medical equipment.

Promedica medical equipment is designed to improve the process of providing medical care for all its participants: heads of medical institutions, medical staff, and patients. Our perfect knowledge of the current market situation, developed logistics, and trusting partner relationships ensure the high place our Promedica brand takes among market leaders.

Compliance with the highest world standards for medical equipment.

A futuristic, compact, and convenient design.

The latest technology in the manufacture of medical appliances

Promedica Superb blood pressure monitors

These digital innovative blood pressure and pulse meters using the oscillometric measurement method are equipped with a built-in compressor that automatically creates pressure in the cuff and allows using the appliance without assistance. An arrhythmia detection technology shows a heartbeat disorder when measuring blood pressure. They can store values of the last 90 measurements. Average value of the last 3 measurements. The classification of blood pressure is displayed according to WHO requirements. An all-purpose shoulder cuff (22-42 cm) fill fit most users. A large display with an LED backlight and large symbols will be convenient for the visually impaired. It is automatically shut down after 1 minute, which saves battery power. Warranty: 5 years.

Автоматичний електронний тонометр Promedica Superb

технологія виявлення аритмії великий дисплей з...

Blood pressure monitors

Promedica blood pressure monitors are designed for use at home or by healthcare professionals to measure blood pressure and heart rate. Our product line includes automatic, semi-automatic, and mechanical appliances, which lets you choose the blood pressure monitor that you personally need.

Автоматичний електронний тонометр Promedica Expert

технологія виявлення аритмії збільшена манжета 22-42...

Автоматичний електронний тонометр Promedica Superb

технологія виявлення аритмії великий дисплей з...

Автоматичний зап’ястний тонометр Promedica Bangle

технологія виявлення аритмії компактний розмір пам’ять...

Електронний тонометр Promedica Assist

технологія визначення аритмії збільшена манжета 22-42...

Автоматичний електронний тонометр Promedica Classic

технологія виявлення аритмії великий дисплей пам’ять...


Promedica inhalation appliances for home-based treatment procedures. Our product range includes a compressor nebulizer for the whole family and a travel-friendly innovative portable mesh nebulizer.

Портативний меш-небулайзер Promedica Air Pro

Портативний меш-небулайзер Promedica Air Pro виконаний...

Компресорний небулайзер Promedica Briz

Компресорний небулайзер Promedica Briz - це...


Our Promedica body temperature self-measurement appliances include modern digital thermometers of the highest accuracy that can be used even with newborns, as well as the modern infrared thermometer to measure temperature with one touch.

Термометр електронний ProMedica Stick

Точний та комфортний градусник для вимірювання...

Термометр електронний Promedica Flex

Термометр електронний Promedica Flex. Цей градусник...

Інфрачервоний термометр Promedica IRT

Інфрачервоний термометр Promedica IRT призначений для...

Pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators

Our Promedica pulse oximeters are innovative appliances for the non-invasive measurement of capillary blood oxygen saturation, heart rate monitoring, and the perfusion index.

Promedica Ox-10 oxygen concentrators are intended for use in medical institutions, hospitals, sanatoriums, as well as at people’s homes. They provide a long-term supply of oxygen of up to 10 liters per minute and can also be connected to other medical equipment, including lung ventilation systems. The appliance is equipped with an audiovisual alarm system that allows monitoring the patient’s condition. This appliance is characterized by a high concentration of oxygen (up to 95.5%).

Кисневий концентратор ProMedica OX-10

Концентратор кисню Promedica Ох-10 призначений для...

Оксиметр Promedica XP-20

Оксиметр Promedica XP-20 призначений для неінвазивного...